NEW! Level 0 Cheerleading Division

Level 0 for Cheerleading!

The scoring team at ICE have worked hard over the summer to deliver to our teams the long awaited, brand new and exclusive to ICE Cheerleading LEVEL 0. The rules for level 0 have been released onto our social media pages and can now be found on our website. The level 0 category will be available at all of our Cheerleading competitions this season.

We are aiming to offer a platform for beginner teams to start competing without the stress and pressure of competing against experienced teams when they may not feel that they are ready. We are also keen to ensure that coaches are supported through the process of choreographing routines that are suitable for the levels that they are competing in. We have created level 0 as a good place for coaches to start or even to take things back to basics.

As always we are here to help and assist you so please post any questions in the ICE Coach Information Group.