Legality Check

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Incredibly Cool Events follow USASF / IASF Safety Rules.

Coaches are responsible for knowing and understanding these rules prior to competition. Penalties are given for safety violations in accordance to USASF Rules.

Click here to see USASF/IASF Rules.

Click here to see USASF/IASF Glossary of Terms.
This is a very helpful document in understanding the rules, definitions, and how they are interpreted.

If after you have addressed the rules you still have a legality query and are entering an ICE competition this season, please submit the form below at least 10 days in advance of the competition.

Please note that rulings that you are given on review of your videos clip are relevant only to ICE events. Also please note, teams have experienced performance areas on the competition floor which have made the skill illegal therefore resulting in a penalty.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][ultimate_modal modal_title=”Submission Guidelines & Reminders” btn_bg_color=”#d73b37″ modal_on_align=”left” btn_text=”Submission Guidelines & Reminders” modal_style=”overlay-fade” overlay_bg_color=”#ffffff” overlay_bg_opacity=”80″]Every email sent to these addresses should be answerable with one word, LEGAL or ILLEGAL. To get a reply your email must include a level (for cheer submissions), dance style for dance divisions (i.e.- pom, jazz, contemporary/lyrical, hip-hop), and a video following the guidelines below.


Please allow 7-10 days for processing of your video. Response time may increase during periods of high volume. Please do NOT re-send your video within the 7-10 day time frame.


  • – Every email should be answerable with one word, LEGAL or ILLEGAL.
  • – Videos must display in an upright manner when viewed from a computer.
  • – Videos submitted are subject to be used for educational purposes. If you want your video excluded please indicate that when submitting a video.
  • – Videos must be of a single skill or sequence.
  • – Tumbling videos should only include 1 person.
  • – Stunt or toss videos should only include 1 group.
  • – Pyramid videos may include all members, but should be of 1 side when possible.
  • – Videos from competitions, of more than one skill or sequence, or believed to be of other teams will not receive a reply.
  • – If you have questions regarding multiple skills they should be sent in separate emails.
  • – Sending multiple angles of the same skill in a single email is allowed, but a separate email is required for each different skill.
  • – ICE can only advise you a skill is LEGAL for a specific level or a skill is ILLEGAL along with citing the rule violated in line with USASF Rules. They will not assist with changing choreography.
  • – ICE will not be teaching the rules in our replies.
  • – Legality rulings are only valid if the skill is performed the same way in the video and at the event. If called on a skill we said was legal – the safety judge or official at the event should point out the difference.
  • – Please watch the video before sending it in to make sure it is clear.
  • Please ensure there are no extra people in the video that could impact the ruling, such as someone that is in view and could unintentionally be considered a spotter.
  • – It is the responsibility of the coach to have the original email containing the official Legality ruling should they wish to query legalities at ICE events.

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