Frequently Asked Questions

Entering a competition can seem daunting, and it is normal for you to have questions, so we do our best so make sure you have all of the information you need. If you can’t find the answer to your question, feel free to send us a message and ask!

Are crossovers allowed?

Yes a maximum of 5 crossovers per person is allowed and please not that crossovers between level 0 allstar cheer and level 1-6 allstar cheer is not allowed.

Who should I contact for general enquiries?

You can email where a member of our team will be happy to help you.

We are a new team with no previous competition or performance experience, can we enter?

We welcome ALL teams to our competitions and have divisions for all levels too. Your first competition is something you and your team will never forget and would be very happy to welcome you to our events.

Do you run sessions?

Yes we do run sessions please see session guide for how the sessions will be run at each event. Please note that spectators will require a ticket for each session that they are watching.

Do you allocate seating at events?

Yes at our events all seating is for spectators only and is allocated upon arrival.

When will we get the running order?

Running orders are sent out 2 weeks beforehand (if not earlier) TO THE EMAIL ADDRESS PROVIDED ON YOUR ENTRY FORM. Therefore please provide an email address that you actually check, please remember to check it, and please contact us if you haven’t had a running order 2 weeks before an event. Running orders will not be emailed to anyone other than the contact on the entry form.

Do you publish scores online?

We don’t publish scores online, please collect your score sheets after each awards ceremony and the printed results are available for coaches to look at.

What is the ICE Rink?

Click here to see our Info Page

What floor is used at your event?

We use a 9 panel flexi roll matted floor for both cheer and dance this season.

How long should the routine be?

Team Cheerleading and Dance routines should be no longer than 2min 30seconds, for Group Stunt and Choreographed Solos routines should no longer than 1min15 seconds.

You will not be deducted if you routine does not use the permitted routine time however to get the best scores possible be sure to include all of the elements required. Should you wish to discuss this further please email

Who should I contact for rules or scoring related queries?

You can email where a member of our team will be happy to help you.

Who should I contact for queries relating to my entry form?

You can email where a member of our team will be happy to help you.

Who should I contact for queries relating to invoice or payments?

You can email where a member of our team will be happy to help you.

Do you publish your scores after each event?

No we don’t publish scores for all to see, however scores will be available for coaches to look at for their own personal use on the day of the event and score sheets will be given on the day also.

How many athletes can enter per team?

This is dependent on the division you enter. For group stunt: minimum 4, maximum 5. For cheerleading: minimum 5, maximum 32. All dance (pom, hip-hop, jazz): minimum 4, maximum 32. (See division information for more information)

How is warm up set up and how long does my team get?

Warm up consists of 3 stations. The first allows you to warm up your team with stretches and a mark through of your routine. Warm up 1 does not have a matted floor so stunts are not permitted. Warm up 2 gives you and your team a chance to run your routine fully with a sound system and matted floor. Warm Up 3 is a tumble strip to warm up/practice tumbles. Each team is given a time to arrive at warm up and is allowed an allocated amount of time depending on the category being entered.

What do I do if I have cross overs with teams on the floor and teams in warm up?

We do our best to make sure that this does not happen. However if this is the case please warm up both teams at the same time and the Event Crew in warm up will do their best to give extra time for both teams to have a fair run through. We can also suggest sending teams to warm up with a parent helper or assistant coach. This way it allows the coach to be with the team on the floor and your other team to be in warm up at their allocated time.

Are coaches allowed free entry?

We allocate 1 free coach pass per every 20 competitors. If you require additional passes they can be purchased at £10 which will give coaches access for the whole event.

What age does a child ticket go up to?

A child ticket is for children between the age of 3 and 12, under 3 go free and above 12 need to purchase an adult spectator ticket.

How do spectator tickets work?

Spectator tickets are sold via coaches or dance teachers. ICE runs sessions for spectators. The sessions for each event may differ, please ask coaches for more information on sessions. If you are a coach up to date information on sessions will be released in the information group on facebook.

How can I buy spectator tickets?

Spectator tickets are sold to coaches, if spectator tickets are available on the door then coaches can buy them Coaches can provide a list of names if they want spectators to buy their own, spectators will need to provide identification with their name. Tickets on the door are sold at LATE price which is £10 PER SESSION

Is accommodation available with 2 day events?

Our 2 day events do not have onsite accommodation. However, we always book venues with hotels nearby so teams do not have to travel far. If you would like more information on this please contact

Is photography available on the day?

Yes, outstanding competition images and DVD are produced by Believe Photography. They work closely with us at ICE to produce high quality, affordable images to let you remember the day. Team photos, individual images and on floor pictures will be available to buy and take home on the day. The event DVD will also be available to order at the competition. We do not allow photography around Believe and we do not allow you to use their backdrop for personal use.

What do we do if we disagree with the scores?

Our events judges are experienced in the cheer and dance world. They are experts in the field and mark strictly to USASF rules. Scores given on the day are final and if you have a question about your score please speak to the head judge at the event or contact Feedback is also offered at the events which allows you to have time to speak to judges and find out what was good and what could be improved in your routine. This may help you understand your scores in more depth.

How should I bring my music?

Please bring your music on a CD or on a device which connects via an aux lead. We recommend having team’s music saved on multiple devices including a phone, laptop or tablet.

How do I enter my team?

Entering our events is simple; just complete the registration form and click submit. That will then take you to a payment page where you can make payment by bacs. If you are a school or university you may email your entry form with a purchase order number to and you will be sent an invoice.
If you need any help with the entry form please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can you enter solo and duo routines?

ICE offer solos and duos this season but are limited to 1 per age per programme. We will also be trialling different ways to deliver solo/duo competitions to allow more people to have the chance of taking part.

Are you allowed to leave and re-enter the venue?

Yes you can leave and re –enter the venue as long as you show your wristband given to you on the day. Wristbands must be worn at all times.

What do you do if you lose a wristband?

Any lost wristbands will need to be repurchased, however if your wristband comes off you may take it to be replaced at registration.

Can wristbands be sent out prior to the event?

Yes wristbands can be sent out prior to the event at a cost of £7.50. Please note you are responsible for those wristbands and any lost or misplaced wristband will need to be repurchased.