Legality Notifications at Events

ICE strive to offer fair and inclusive competition opportunities to all. We appreciate how stressful it can be as a coach at competitions which is why we are always looking for ways to take the pressure off both coaches and performers.

Continuing on from the success of last season, we will continue to notify coaches of any legality deductions that have been issued to your team, before the awards ceremony. We aim to do this no later than 30 mins after your performance, however at busy events this time may be extended. We hope that this will give the coach the opportunity to contest the deduction if a mistake has been made. If the legality is valid, we feel that by making you aware of the deduction will be prepare you for the results and will allow you the chance to ask for an explanation, which will aid coach education.

How will it work?

After your team has performed, and the judges have finished the scoring process, copies of deduction sheets are sent to the ICE registration desk. Please leave around 30 mins before you approach the registration desk to ask if your team has an infraction. At each event we will also create a facebook group chat that will include a coach or representative from each programme attending the event. The Head judge and the registration desk will use this group to communicate to programme representative at events. If there is a legality we will request that a coach or representative from that team goes to either the registration desk, where they will be given a copy of their deduction sheet, or the judges table, where they will be met by a judge to explain the proposed legality deduction.

You may approach the Judges table at any point during the competition, from behind the barrier at the real time scoring end of the table. You will know which end this is by looking for the playback screen on the judges table. Please wait behind the barrier for a judge to come to you. Please remember this process is designed to help you, please respect the judges, as they are only humans trying to help. Legality judges ultimate goal is to ensure a fair competition. Lets speak to each other with kindness and respect.

After an Event

Please note: ICE scoring team will not change any legalities or deductions after an event. We will only discuss this on the day of the event.