Cheering for Education

Louis Bottomley

Age: 11

Lives: West Yorkshire

Cheering for Education

The case: Using Cheer to improve at school

12-year-old Louis Bottomley from Harden West Yorkshire just loves to cheer and his passion has seen him not only get the chance to compete in Chicago but has also helped him with his school work.

Louis recently used cheer mixes to help him learn his periodic table.  He says:

“Since cheering my concentration has been much better and my mum thinks this is due to me having to remember so many routines.  I think she may be right as I recently used cheer mixes to learn my periodic table.”

Louis and his team mates compete in a number of competitions including those organised by ICE, he continues: “I love cheerleading. I particularly love the ICE comps as they are such fun. I love the dance offs and like to meet new friends from other schools. My school Team Xtreme has helped me so much since I started cheer. Before I liked acting, gymnastics and dance and cheer brings all these things together in one place.

“If anybody was interested in cheering but wasn’t sure I would say just do it, everyone is friendly and it’s a great way to meet new friends and helps you feel more confident doing fun exciting things like competitions and socials”