Cheering for confidence

Rachel Gleave

Cheering for confidence

The Case: Cheering builds confidence

11-year-old Rachel Gleave from Shropshire is a quiet shy girl but when she hits the floor to cheer a new side of her appears.  When her mum Julie first saw Rachel take to the floor, with her teamin an ICE competition in 2016 it brought a tear to her eye.

Julie says, “Rachel is naturally quite shy so seeing her perform in front of an audience was an eye opener, she came alive.” Julie believes that since she started cheering her confidence has sky rocketed.  She continues “She is much more vocal in expressing her opinions and has made lots of new friends from other clubs”

Cheering is a great way to learn about working as a team, discipline and is a great confidence builder.  Rachel will be taking part in the ICE Championships and Workshops weekend in Prestatyn in July.