To deliver a unique and personal experience to all participants – and their supporters – at our competitive events.

After 25 years in the dance and cheerleading world we know there’s nothing more satisfying than showing-off your skills in public at a competition. Our mission is to give rewarding performance opportunities to all our competitors and a totally inclusive experience of hip hop, dance and cheerleading competition.

We want to drive our events away from an elitist way of thinking about competition. Instead we provide friendly competitions and encourage respect and inclusion for every participant. At our events we hope competitors develop new friendships, but also a new sense of self-esteem and self-discipline.

“We want to drive our events away from an elitist way of thinking about competition.”

From the start of our journey in the dance and cheerleading world, we’ve made a positive impact on participants by teaching the importance of both being an individual and working with and relying on others in your squad or team. We continue to do this by reaching out to club, community and school groups nationwide and encouraging involvement in approachable and innovative regional competition.

All schools, clubs and community groups are judged and scored in the same way every time to promote fair and honest competition. Rulebooks and score sheets are available to every participant, so you know that you’re being treated fairly, and also how to improve.

Kimberly Mason - Director