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About Incredibly Cool Events

At Incredibly Cool Events we combine a competitive spirit with competition opportunities that are affordable and inclusive. We welcome everyone regardless of ability or competitive experience, and we pride ourselves on delivering a friendly and fun atmosphere at our events.

ICE is well-known for its commitment to grassroots cheerleading and dance. We are proud to deliver competitions specifically designed to support beginner teams, as well as welcoming more established teams and coaches, creating an all-round experience.  We work with teams and coaches to ensure they continually develop their skills, and offer a playback station at our events.

We know that it is an achievement to get a team out on to the floor, and so every team attending ICE receives a trophy and every team member a medal. Together we celebrate everyone’s progression and achievement.

Trophies and Medals

Every performer receives a medal and ALL placements receive a trophy to celebrate their success!

Encouraging and Friendly

We strive to create a welcoming and encouraging environment for teams at ANY level, especially beginners!

Feedback and Comments

With our instant replay system and helpful comments from experienced judges, we aim to get you on the right track!


Why should you bring your team to ICE?
  • EVERY performer receives a medal
  • ALL placements receive a trophy
  • Helpful feedback from experiences judges
  • Friendly, encouraging and energetic atmosphere
  • Popular events with perfect division sizes
  • Compete in Cheerleading and many styles of dance

We provide every performer and every team with something special to take home to remember their success. It is important to us that we celebrate all the efforts put in by every person that performs at an ICE event!

ICE Cheer & Dance

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